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March 21, 2018
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Action Center
2017 Legislative Agenda
Posted On: Mar 06, 2017


2017 Legislative Agenda


·       Maintain or Increase Funding for Elementary & Secondary Education in the Context of State Tax Reform JCPS supports comprehensive tax reform that diversifies and stabilizes revenue streams for the Commonwealth, that encourages robust economic growth, and that is fair and equitable, including for poor and working families. As changes to the tax structure are being contemplated, the General Assembly should ensure that the revenue generated is sufficient for elementary and secondary education funding to be maintained or increased particularly in light of rising costs and relatively flat funding for education.


·       Develop  and Implement Innovative Assessment & Accountability Models in the context of the development of a new state assessment and accountability system, aligned with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, JCPS supports legislation to permit the development and piloting of innovative alternative assessment and accountability models to reduce the time devoted to statewide testing, and that measure student content mastery, critical thinking, and the capacities and dispositions necessary for success in life.


·       Legislation Regarding Charter Schools

If the General Assembly acts to implement charter schools in Kentucky, JCPS believes that the legislation should incorporate national research-and-evidence-based best practices developed through the experiences of states with similar schools.


Note: At the January 10, 2017, Board Meeting, the Board will consider specific policy provisions for charter school legislation based on best practices to recommend to tile General Assembly.



·       "Red Tape" Reduction

JCPS support efforts by the Governor and the General Assembly to reduce or eliminate unnecessary and burdensome regulatory and statutory requirements on school districts, and to streamline required processes and procedures to increase effectiveness and efficiency, while maintaining appropriate oversight and controls on the management of schools and districts.






Approved by the Jefferson County Board of Education, 12-13-2016






2017 Legislative Policy Positions



·       Oppose Use of Public Funds for Non-Public Schools

JCPS endorses legislation that enhances and promotes public education, and opposes the use of public dollars to support programs that fund non-public schools, such as vouchers or tuition tax credits.

·       Reform  CERS State Pension Statutes that Address "Pension Spiking"

JCPS supports legislation that maintains statutory provisions for the County Employees Retirement System (CERS) to prohibit intentional "pension spiking" and eliminates the penalty paid by districts when a pre-retirement increase in compensation is legitimate, and is not an attempt to inappropriately inflate retirement benefits.


·       Retain Local Control of the School Calendar

JCPS supports the position of the Kentucky School Boards Association to support continued local decision making regarding school calendars, and opposes any legislation that would take away community-by-community flexibility on issues of start dates, breaks in the school year, and other issues tied to the academic calendar.


·       Permit a School District to Receive Daily Tax Receipts (Less Fee) from  the Tax Collector

JCPS supports legislation to amend KRS 160.510 to permit a district board of education, if it chooses, to receive tax receipts (less collection fee) on a daily basis from the tax collector, rather than on a once per month basis.


·       Permit a Board of Education to Meet in Closed Session to Discuss Terms of a Superintendent's Contract

JCPS supports legislation to amend the Open Meetings statutes to permit a local board of education to meet in closed session to discuss the terms of a superintendent's contract.






 Approved by the Jefferson County Board of Education, 12-13-2016


2017 Legislative Position on Student Assignment


·       Retain Local Control Over Student Assignment



JCPS supports keeping the responsibility for student assignment to schools with local school boards, and strongly opposes legislation that would reduce or eliminate local control of student assignment. If legislation is enacted that requires any local school board to change its current student assignments, the legislation should also provide that the additional expense to the school district will be paid with state General Fund appropriations.


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